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We are available day and night. You can rest assured that we will take care of all of your wishes with dignity and respect.


As a female funeral director, Rhian has a compassionate understanding of grief. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being looked after by a woman. We also have male colleagues to care for your loved one if that is your preference.

The life of the dead
is placed in the
memory of the living
Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro



Firstly you need to decide whether you would like a burial or cremation, and where you would like the service to take place: the crematorium, your local church, the Cemetery Chapel, at the graveside or another location.


Local Crematoriums.

            Emstrey Crematorium, Shrewsbury                        

            Telford Crematorium

            Pentrebychan Crematorium, Wrexham

            Crewe Crematorium


Other details to consider include:


Comfortably catering for up to six people.


Newspaper announcements

We can liaise with local and national newspapers for death and obituary notices and acknowledgment inserts. We are more than happy to help with the wording.


Service sheets

We offer a wide selection of service sheets. Alternatively you can design and print your own.



You can choose whatever music you would like for the service, from traditional hymns to tracks by your favourite artist.


It is customary to request 'family flowers' and for donations to be made to a charity close to your heart. Such donations are always gratefully received. We are happy to make all the arrangements.


Floral tributes

We can advise on floral tributes, with brochures available at our office. We work regularly with a local florist, but welcome deliveries from all florists.



Wem offers many options for refreshments after the funeral. We are happy to provide sample menus from local establishments, or to suggest suitable outside caterers.

Floral tributes Shroshire

Alternative Funerals

Alternative Funerals

After Care

Horse drawn funerals Shrewsbury
Motorbike funerals shrewsbury
Sea burials Shropshire

The belief that we should reflect a person's lifestyle at their funeral

There are several options instead of the customary hearse including:


Horse-drawn funerals
A funeral with a traditional touch, for those wishing for something out of the ordinary. Carriages are available in black, white and even pink. You can choose from a pair of horses or a team of four.






Motorbike funerals 

Reflect the life of the person who has passed away and give them the send-off that they would choose. Choices include a Triumph, a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Harley Davidson. As well as bikes, we provide a Trike. Click on the photo to visit their web site.




Sea burials

There are two designated sites for sea burials in England, one in Newhaven, East Sussex, and the other at The Needles Spoil Ground, just off the Isle of Wight.

Sea burials are available to all, but there are strict rules that apply. Having had experience of sea burials, Rhian is happy to discuss this option and to guide you through the requirements.



Green burials

The impact we have on our environment is changing the way we look at funerals. If you would prefer an environmentally sensitive alternative to a traditional burial or cremation, there are several options available, including Fenns Meadow Green Burial Ground in Whitchurch. Click on the picture to visit their website. or click on the links below for other options around Shropshire.

                    Westhope Green Burial Ground, Craven Arms

                  South Shropshire Remembrance Park, Rushbury

Volkswagen Funerals

VW funerals provide an alternative funeral car service for people who want to make a funeral different, unique and memorable. Hearsby, Ernie and Winnie are all available, even Trudy the Morris Minor! Click on the picture to visit their website.

After Care

After the funeral has taken place, R. Greaves & Co.'s commitment doesn't end there.


If you would like to inter the cremated remains of your loved one, even if the funeral took place some years earlier, this can be arranged.


We are always here for you, no matter how much time has passed from when we helped with the funeral arrangements.


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