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Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation Shropshre R. GRaves & Co

Here at R. Greaves & Co we understand that a "traditional" funeral isn't what every one wants, or it might be that funds are limited.

What is a direct cremation?

More people are choosing to take a personal approach to their funeral, as opposed to the traditional funeral, with direct cremations becoming more common. This type of cremation involves the deceased being collected from the place of passing to our chapel of rest until the day of the funeral.


A direct cremation is better defined by what it doesn’t have than what it does.

There is no viewing in the chapel of rest
There is no funeral service, so no mourners, cars, readings or eulogies.
There is no need for an expensive coffin as there is no procession or ceremony

The date and time of the cremation are chosen by the funeral director.

There is no hearse, but a suitable estate car is used to convey the deceased to the crematorium.

 For a direct cremation service, the cost which includes:

*The cremation fee (at Emstrey Crematorium Shrewsbury)

* Doctor's fee for cremation (form 4)

* An oak veneered coffin, a white gown and satin frill

* Collection from the hospital to our chapel of rest (within 25 miles)

* Completion of all legal paperwork for the crematorium

* Care of your loved one whilst at our chapel

* An estate car to convey your loved one to the Crematorium

* 4 bearers

* A simple urn for the cremated remains

* A single flower of your choice (courtesy of R. Greaves & Co)


Please note:


If your loved one passes away at home, nursing home or the hospice then a small charge will be made for this service, this charge is for the extra staff required to carry out a dignified collection.


All costs are to be paid up front

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