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Coffins, Caskets, Urns and Keepsakes

"A good funeral has a good coffin"

Here at R. Greaves & Co we like to give you a choice.

All of the coffins / caskets we supply are either hand-made or from factory stock.

Our supplier is accredited by:

FFMA the funeral furnishing manufacturing association, where coffins are tested to ensure best standards and impartiality are applied.

We also supply woodland, eco-friendly and bio degradable coffins, please ask for further information.

Here is a small selection of available coffins, from the standard, a bespoke colour, personalised, solid oak, pea lovers, or an American style casket in either wood or metal.

We have a wide selection of Cremated Remain containers, from recycled newspaper through to stunning bespoke Maple urns.

Keepsake urns are proving to be very popular for keeping a small amount of your loved ones cremated remains. The urns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a mini scatter tube to a crystal butterfly, made with Swarovski elements

Jewellery made from your loved ones cremated remains are very popular. We work with Ashes into Glass who produce the most beautiful jewellery.

We are now offering the Bios Urn, which is 100% biodegradable, designed to respect our environment. Your loved ones ashes are placed in the bottom of the urn, then the seed of your choice is planted in the top section. Your Bios urn can be planted in a large pot or in the ground. "Back to nature, back to life"

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